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Crazy Bulk NO2-Max UK Legal Steroid – Pre-workout Supplement

Crazy Bulk NO2-Max – What Is It?

NO2-Max is body building and sports enhancement supplement specially formulated to enhance strength, stamina, energy, and recovery rates during training through factors that enhance nitric oxide levels within the muscle tissue. The substance is natural and is safe for use by both genders and professional or amateurs without any major issues or risks.

How NO2-Max works?Crazy Bulk NO2-Max

The key action of the substance is enhancement of Nitric Oxide levels. When Nitric Oxide levels are optimal, the blood flow, blood cell dilation and oxygenation of the muscle tissue increases and this in turn promotes protein synthesis as well as more strength and vascularity within the muscle tissue. Furthermore, when nitric oxide levels are high, they allow more nutrients to bypass and enter the muscle cells, helping that way with protein synthesis and muscle regeneration and constantly fueling the muscle tissue so that it doesn’t “burn”. All these qualities are very important for those who want to gain and maintain real muscle mass. Although we haven’t found any info about the full ingredients of the product, the key ingredients responsible for its action are 2 amino-acids (L-Arginine in two forms, and Citrilline Mallate). These ingredients act as nitric–oxide boosting factors and start working almost immediately to raise Nitric Oxide levels within the muscle and promote the absorption of other key nutrients.


Combine With

Any other cutting or bulking steroid substance regardless of its individual action. The substance doesn’t interfere with some specific kinds of steroids and can be stacked with any other supplement without any risks of interference/canceling each other out or side-effects.


Key advantages

  • Safe and free of any major side effects e.g. liver and kidney toxicity
  • Available in a convenient oral tablet form (no need to take harsh and costly needles and prescriptions)
  • Promotes muscle energy, strength, and stamina on a cellular level
  • Promotes blood cell formation and oxygenation within the muscle tissue
  • Increases performance during harsh training or  demanding competitions
  • Triggers recovery and muscle regeneration of strained/damaged muscle cells after training
  • May increase libido, sexual performance and sexual stamina
  • Starts working fast (within just a few weeks of use)
  • Promotes long-lasting effects without that infamous “energy crash” of other similar types of supplements.



NO2-Max Dosage

One pack of  Crazy Bulk NO2-Max contain 90 tablets/800 mg each. Daily recommended dosage is 3 tablets daily with food and ideally at least half an hour before working-out. For optimal and long-lasting effects, use preferably for a period of at least 8 weeks. Normally,  you should start seeing results within 2-4 weeks.


Safety/Side effects

There is not much official info regarding the product online, although most of undocumented reports claim that the supplement is generally safe for the average user and highly unlikely to cause side-effects. However, since the supplement contains factors that boost blood circulation and blood cell dilation, it may cause a spike in blood pressure and possibly heart beats for individuals with underlying blood pressure and heart problems. In this case, it’s best to seek the permission of your doctor, before attempting to try the supplement or at least try to avoid exceeding the recommended daily dosage.



1 pack of 90 tablets which is enough for a 1 month supply, typically costs around £36.89. If you buy more than two packets at a time, you may receive additional discounts that reach 33% reduction of price per pack.


Crazy Bulk NO2-Max User Reviews

Although there are no reviews for this supplement officially from the manufacturer, unofficial testimonies and reports claim that Crazy Bulk NO2 Max does increase muscle mass although no noticeable improvement in strength has been noted this far, as per product claims. The users who tried it also reported a definite increase in sexual performance and stamina although when it came to big increases in muscle strength and recovery, the product didn’t fully deliver as expected and any improvements were minor.